About Us

Athena Studios is a new state-of-the-art sound stage development that will be the first of its kind in Athens, Georgia.

Upon completion, the 45-acre campus will feature over 350,000 square feet of purpose-built space for film and television production.

Athena Studios will provide multiple sound stages, support buildings, production offices and include a fully equipped educational facility.

What They Say About Us

“Everyone will be staying, getting apartments here in Athens, hiring local people. It's a great opportunity for anybody looking to get into the film business.”

Deputy Commissioner at the Georgia Film Office Lee Thomas The Red and Black

“Athena Studios will support locals who work in the industry—many of whom now commute to Atlanta for jobs—as well as restaurants, caterers, hotels and retailers.”

“It’s such a great opportunity for our students. I can’t find any other program in the country that has this kind of access that we’re going to have.”

Department Head Jay Hamilton, UGA Entertainment and Media Studies WSB-TV Atlanta

“Our city is crawling with interesting people doing interesting things with interesting IP – intellectual property. It’s a producer’s market.”

Alaina Booth The Red and Black


Athena Studios is the newest TV and film studio in Georgia. With over 127,000 square feet of purpose-built sound stages, Athena Studios can accommodate film and TV productions of all sizes including commercials, TV series, and blockbuster films. Our six sound stages are fully soundproof and fortified with a huge amount of stage power to provide lighting and electrical connections to meet the specific needs of each production no matter how large.


Athena Studios provides soundless, conditioned air in each stage keeping every crew member comfortable and focused while filming during any season. Our stages boast an interior clear height of 40 feet and allow for up to 1,000,000 pounds of suspended live load from the steel, providing rigging departments the ability to suspend a large variety of cables, lights, and heavy set pieces. All of our stages are accessible via large AEC elephant doors and are fully soundproof with walls covered by Insul-Quilts.


With over 45 acres, Athena Studios has plenty of room to build outdoor sets as well. Our expansive backlot provides each production the ability to film outdoors if needed with several areas to choose from. Athena Studios also offers unmatched privacy with full perimeter fencing, an extensive landscape buffer on all sides of the property and custom security based on the needs of each production.


Detailed plans and pricing available by request here.


Why Athens?

Only a one-hour drive from Atlanta, Athens is often referred to as the state’s Classic City. The city is jam-packed with action and home to a uniquely vibrant downtown that flows beautifully into the University of Georgia’s north campus. From its world renowned music scene, to its rich botanical history, to its roots as the birthplace of higher public education, Athens is home to an array of unfilmed “picture-perfect” locations ideal for any scene.


Explore Around Athens.

Catch a show at the Georgia Theatre in the heart of downtown Athens, explore the 700+ acres of campus at the University of Georgia, including historic North Campus and iconic Sanford Stadium, or indulge in Athen’s mouth watering local cuisine and boisterous nightlife.

University of Georgia

The Arch


Downtown Athens

Georgia Theatre


University of Georgia

Sanford Stadium


University of Georgia

Central Campus


Athens Eastside

Cali n' Titos


Downtown Athens

E. Clayton Street


University of Georgia

Historic North Campus


Where to Find Us

900 Athena Drive
Athens, Georgia
30605 US